Which Emergency Locksmith

You’ve lost your Keys, snapped the key in the lock or your door just want open. what do you do ??? you get your mobile phone out and search for a emergency locksmith, which brings up a number of companies, two problems here for you, 1 which one to choose ?? and 2 how quick can they be with me ??

Time is of the essence here as you don’t want to be stood outside your home waiting for any longer than needed, one of the biggest problems I here time after time is that customers were expecting to talk directly with the locksmith to explain the problem and get an idea of call out time and cost. The big problem is that most of the numbers you ring thinking they are local locksmiths are in fact National call centres with contractors working for them. How this works, Your Call gets redirected from a local number they have bought (this is to trick you into thinking they are local), You get to talk to a phone operator who is not a locksmith so can’t answer your questions, then she needs to contact a locksmith who may be or may not be available, this of course takes time. They can’t give a guide to price as they don’t know whats involved in your job.

The difference phoning Quick Locks Uk is that it will be me who answers your call, me who will tel you how long it will be for me to be with you (usually 15-20 mins), me who will quote you a guaranteed price and finally me who will be doing the work and ensuring you are safely back in your home. As I am truly Independent I set my own prices and rely on your feedback on my business, hence why you can read over 50 customer reviews on Checkatrade.

After you have sorted the time problem out, the next problem is price, although you are willing to pay a fair price you don’t want ripping off. Some locksmiths think that it is fine to charge massive sums of money as you don’t have a choice. Then we are back to the National companies who have no choice but to charge High prices, They need to pay for the Ad on Google, the call centre staff, the contract locksmith, that’s all before they make a profit. I know this as I worked for one of these companies for a short while, all I got was charge as much as you can, charge more, the final decision which made me leave was when I was told to charge a customer over £200 for a five minute job.

As I’ve said i’m a totally independent, trusted local City & Guilds qualified locksmith, I always give my customers upfront clear prices to ensure they know prior to any work being done how much it will cost. My prices are fair and usually a lot lower than competitors as I don’t have high overheads, so I pass this saving to my my customers. So if you need a Doncaster Emergency Locksmith call Quick Locks Uk on 07456296704.