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When choosing a new more secure lock for your UPVC or Composite door you should really do your homework as locks vary greatly.

You will have probably heard of the increase of break ins by lock snapping, this happens due to a major floor in the design of a standard euro cylinder enabling it to be broken in too in seconds.

The first thing most people will do when they hear about a nearby break in is panic and rush out to buy a new lock, the trouble is that Anti Snap locks come in a vast array of qualities and most are not much better than a standard lock.

So which lock should you buy ? The following advice is by far the best I can give you, make sure your new lock is 3 diamond rated with a sold secure. By all tests the Ultion lock is the best rated with a 3 diamond plus rating,what’s more it’s the only lock on the market with a £2,000 guarantee.

Ultion only supply registered Locksmiths who will come and measure and fit the correct lock for your doors. If you would like a free home demonstration of how good these locks are and a no obligation quote call Quick Locks Uk your local Doncaster Locksmith on 01302272192

Ultion lock
£2,000 Guarantee

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