Ultion Smart Lock – Facts and Features

ultion smart lock

For any of you that are gadget lovers or tech savvy then the Ultion Smart Lock is the way forward when it comes to improving your home security measures. This is a police approved lock that can be controlled via your smart phone. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smart Things. So, for those of you that already have your lights, tv, radio etc automated, you can now also have your locks automated “Siri, lock my door” or “Alexa, lock my door” its that simple.

If you like the idea of a smart lock but don’t have a ‘smart home’ there’s no need to worry, the Ultion Smart Lock can be controlled via your phone either by Bluetooth or the Ultion app and it also comes with a key.


  • Auto Lock – You can set the lock to automatically lock after a certain period of time, 1 minute, 5 minutes, ten minutes its up to you, you will never have to question whether you locked the door or not again!
  • Twist Assist – Once this feature has been activated in the app all you need to do is turn the dial slightly and then the motor will take over and do the rest for you. This feature is great for ease of access.
  • Hold Back Latch – By activating this feature in the app you can set the latch to be held back for up to 15 seconds.
  • Remote Control – Via Ipad, Apple TV, Apple HomeKit Hub or 3rd party Hub.
  • Phone Proximity Auto Unlock – You can set your Ultion smart lock to unlock your door using your phone when you are in close proximity, so you don’t even have to touch your phone for the door to unlock. This is a feature that comes in handy when you have just done the weekly shop!
  • Ultion 3* Plus Security – The Ultion smart lock displays the TS007 3star kite mark so not only is it high security it also meets and exceeds insurers minimum requirements.
  • Digital Key Sharing – If you’re not at home and need someone to check on the house, water plants, collect mail etc then you can send a digital key to a guests phone either via text or email, you can chose for it to be a timed access or you can set it as permanent access which is great for the kids as you no longer have to trust them not to loose the key!

Check out this video to see the Ultion Smart Lock in Action


If you are interested in the Uliton Smart Lock and require more information or you’ve had all the information you need and want one installed, then contact Quick Locks UK today – 01302 272 192