Smart Alarms


Unlike in the past when having an alarm fitted meant uplifting carpets, floorboards and usually ruining your decor with either unsightly wires or channels where they had been chopped into the plaster. This is no longer the case.

With new technology you have none of the above with a wireless system, you can have sensors anywhere without having to run wires, plus they are so much more reliable. No more upsetting the neighbours because your alarm was going of all day whilst you was away. Even sensors are better with pet friendly settings so you can have your alarm on even when the pets are home without the worry of it going off.

The difference with Professional Smart Alarm technology compared to the DIY options you may find in your local store is that they have far more capabilities to protect your home. Imagine you’ve left home got 3 miles down the road and suddenly thought ‘did I put the alarm on???’ Now you’ve got to go all the way home to check ? NO you don’t you can arm or disarm the Alarm from your phone, this will also send you a text to say its set.

The other benefits of this new tech is as well as being able to set and unset the alarm, it will alert you by your mobile if the alarm is activated so you can take action. Another clever little trick is it will tel you when the kids get in, you can even speak to them from your mobile.

If you think that its time you upgraded to a new Smart Alarm give us a call for a Free Home assessment and no obligation quote.