Problems With UPVC Window and Door Locks

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Most problems with your uPVC door or window locks can be dealt with by a locksmith who have the proper tools for the job.


Your uPVC window door or window lock may need assessing, fixing or replacing, your locksmith can arrange this to be done. There are many reasons why your uPVC door or window lock could be broken and in need of repair. As these locks are usually found on domestic residential properties, it is easy to see how much wear and tear they take that can result in the weakening of the key or the lock. UPVC locks can become susceptible to wearing out through over use.


Here Are Four of the most common reasons for a uPVC door or window lock to fail.


Jammed Lock or Lock is Stuck


Jamming of the key in your uPVC window or door lock is usually a indication that there is a defective lock mechanism. The main mechanical parts to these locks are the euro-cylinder and the multi-point locking system. When turning the key but not turning the lock usually happens when the lock is jammed or stuck. It is not a good idea in this situation to forcefully turn the key as this could cause more damage to the lock mechanism than is necessary. A locksmith can fix the lock without damaging the lock mechanism inside the door or window as damage caused through trying to force the lock could result in further expense to fix.


UPVC Window or Door Misaligned


UPVC windows are doors can become misaligned through being slammed, either through the wind blowing or we unintentionally bang the window or door or window. The frames of doors or windows can become slightly out of place. In a lot of cases, bolts, hooks and hinges of the door or window have come loose and might simply need replacing. Constant and extreme banging of the door or window might cause a misalignment with doors or windows or could cause the door to crack. It is better to treat uPvc with care to prolong the life of your windows and door locks. If you have a problem with uPVC window and door locks, contact your locksmith who will soon have your lock fixed.


Key Broken Inside UPVC Door or Window


It is frustrating when your key breaks inside the lock but it is a common problem with many door keys. Usually the key is old and been used a lot and has weakened over the years. If your uPVC window or door key is stuck in the lock it is advisable to contact the locksmith rather that attempt to extract the broken key and do further damage to the lock.


Poorly Cut Key


If you are having to jiggle your key around in the window or door lock before it will connect, it could be that the key has been poorly cut. Your locksmith can sort out this problem as well as cut your spare keys.


If you have any issues with any of your uPVC window or door locks then please contact Quick Locks UK today on 01302 272 192