Mortise Locks


Before the invention of the Euro Cylinder, the mortice lock was the lock of choice. These locks are still widely used and still offer great security for your doors, if you have an older style wooden door this will most probably the type of lock fitted. Although there is many different brands to choose from, predominantly there is only two types a Deadlock and a Sash Lock, the difference is that a sash lock also has a latch so you can use handles to open & shut the door.

Although there is only the two types Mortice locks vary greatly in the security they offer. You can get different lever counts 5 being the best and only choice on a external door to give best security. You also get different depths of lock 2.5inch and 3inch, the latter is used when fitting knobs instead of handles to give you more room around the handle to grip without catching your knuckles on the door frame.

As with all products things can go wrong, maybe your key isn’t working as well as it once was, or its just turning in the lock, this can be a few reasons, wear or a spring has snapped inside the lock. Its generally time to replace if they start going wrong as this will be a far more cost effective job, rather than waiting and finding you can’t get in one day or lock the door before bed etc, if this happens you will be paying for a locksmith to gain access maybe even out of hours which will add to the cost and stress. Another good indication that its time to re-new your mortice lock is if the handles are starting to drop or there is excessive play in them.

If you are deciding to change your lock make sure it is a British Standard rated lock the standard is BS3621 which means that its considered good enough for home security. Locks do vary in thickness, keep size and face plate size, so it may not be quite as simple as screwing one out and one in. I would always recommend having any lock supplied and fitted by a qualified locksmith, give me a call and I will be happy to advise or come and fit your new lock.

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