Mini Heatwave Warning

With summer well and truly here we are all tempted to leave our windows open to hopefully grab a breeze to cool us down.

The trouble is would be criminals are also looking for our open windows and hopefully that we have forgotten to shut the windows when nipping out. W e have all done it, just not thinking, maybe just nipping over the road or next dor for a cupa.

The good news is we can supply options for you to choose to ensure your home and belongings are safe. The most popular by far is cctv as this will alert you to your phone without having to set it when you go out, it will automatically send an alert if anyone comes onto your property.

Another option is to fit window restricters which only allow your window to open ajar, which will allow the ventilation you require but not enough access to get through, we find parents with young children also like  this as it prevents children opening the window wide open.

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