Front Door Locks: When To Replace Them

Front Door LOcks

When it comes to home security your external front door locks are your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your property from potential burglars, this is why it is vital that you have high quality secure locks that are kept in good working condition. If your lock is damaged, shows signs of wear and tear or has been compromised then it is important that you have your locks changed as soon as possible. Below our team at Quick Locks UK have put together a guide on signs you should look out for that show your locks are ready to be replaced or upgraded.

Reasons To Replace External Door Locks

Substandard Locks – If your locks don’t meet insurers requirements of BS3621 o TS007 for uPVC doors then you should seriously consider having your locks upgraded. Not only will you home be less secure with substandard locks, but you may find you struggle to get home insurance or even find that your current insurance policy is invalid!

Wear and Tear – Like anything over time locks are susceptible to wear and tear, the frequent use of a lock means that over time certain components may break or stop working leaving your home vulnerable. If you notice any rust or other obvious signs of damage on your locks, then it is definitely time to consider having your locks changed.

Lost/Stolen Keys – This is one of the most common reasons for people to require the services of a locksmith, however when you have lost your keys or worse, you think they have been stolen then its not just gaining entry to your property that you should be thinking about, you should also consider having the locks changed to ensure the security of your property is not compromised. You can never be sure of who may have found your key and what they intend on doing with them and the last thing anyone wants is for a burglar to simply just let themselves into their property using their own set of keys!

Moved Home – You should always have the front door locks and any other locks changed when you move into a new property as you can never know for sure how many keys are still in circulation from previous occupants. The same applies to someone moving out of your property be it a lodger or tenant. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Break-In – If you have had a break in then a top priority is to get the property secure once again this means new locks. Even if your existing locks didn’t get damaged during the break-in you can’t be sure that the intruders didn’t take a copy of a key to use at a later date! So, by quickly replacing your locks and even upgrading them to more secure locks you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is once again secure.

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