Euro Cylinder Lock


By far the most common lock used on today’s doors, you will have this type of lock if you have a uPVC or Composite Door, The Euro Cylinder is one part of the lock, this is fitted into a multipoint locking system. You sometimes find these on wooden or aluminium doors when fitted with a lock case.

The main advantage of this type of lock means you can just replace the cylinder rather than the full locking mechanism, which makes it fair less costly if you have lost your keys for example and need a new lock.

The downside is that cheap or old style euro cylinders are extremely easy for burglars to break into, plus with little effort from them means less evidence left for the police. They simply snap the cylinder with a pair of mole-grips (as explained in one of our earlier posts Lock Snapping).


Lock manufacturers got straight on the case and designed much better Anti Snap Locks which stopped the burglars accessing your property this way. Along with this development came star or diamond ratings from 1-3, also door handles are rated the same. 3 Diamond rating is best, but locks come rated 1,2 and 3 you can achieve a 3 diamond rating with a 1 star lock and 2 star handle=3

The best lock and handle set in my opinion is the Ultion (not only my opinion, they will pay £1,000 if a lock is accessed by snapping). They also produce the Ultion Lock Lock handles, these handles are so secure that you don’t need a cylinder on say a patio door if you wish. For the Ultimate Fit Both the Lock Lock Handle along with the Ultion Cylinder and you can not do anymore for your home to be as secure as possible.

If you are thinking about a DIY lock change thats fine, a couple of things to consider is make sure you get the correct size cylinder as many size variants exist, and please make sure its a Ant Snap Lock. If you do want a professional lock upgrade or want the Ultion range which you can only buy if you are a registered certified locksmith, give me a call on 07456296704 and I’ll be glad to come and give you advice and a quote.