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There are several reasons why you may need to change your door locks:

You may have lost/misplaced your keys

You may have been burgled,

Your door locks are old and need replacing.

You have moved to a new property


If you have lost your keys, locked yourself out of your home and want to replace your locks for security, or your door lock is broken, our locksmith can support you with this and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

If you need any replacement locks fitted, our locksmiths will need to know certain information about what kind of door and lock that we will be working on.


Below are the more common locks that are normally used for main doors of houses and other buildings.

Door Locks for Wooden Doors

There are a couple of main locks that we would use for wooden doors.   These are called cylinder rim locks and mortice locks commonly known as Yale locks. These styles of locks can be repaired or replaced by our locksmiths. If the actual cylinder located inside the lock housing is broken but the main lock housing is still working fine, then it may be that the cylinder just needs replacing.  To have this part of the lock replaced might mean that you will probably be provided with a new set of keys for the new cylinder without having to replace the entire lock housing.

Our locksmiths will do our absolute best to try to fix the original lock if this is possible but if not then we can replace the entire lock with a reliable and secure lock to suit your needs. For insurance purposes (as some insurance companies may not cover you if you do not have a certain standard of lock fitted) we would recommend having a five-lever mortice lock that conforms to BS3621 standard.  We would certainly advise that you have a British Standard approved lock fitted for your security and peace of mind.


Door Locks for U PVC Doors

Door Locks for u PVC doors can come in a range of types and sizes and are commonly known as multi-point locks. Normally a multi-point lock has several locking points along the edge of the door and these locking points are centrally operated by the door handle when this is lifted which secures it to the door frame.

You may have a certain problem where you cannot lock or unlock your door.   In some instances, this could be because the door may be slightly out of alignment due to expansion or contraction of the u PVC material itself. In most cases the door may just need to be re-aligned to fix the door lock problem. Also, some parts in a u PVC door lock can become damaged due to basic wear and tear.  Nine times out of ten, our locksmiths can fix these problems.

Multi point locks are a commonly used system on most u PVC doors.  Multi point locks are becoming more popular than ever for external uses on patio doors and garage doors.  Nevertheless, when it comes to buying your multi point locking system, it can be extremely easy for customers with no previous knowledge of locks to buy a badly manufactured or incorrect door lock that will not suit their door or their needs.

There are so many different types of multi point door replacement locks on offer, so it is important to know what exactly what you are buying in order to complete a proper finish. If you do require a new lock for your u PVC door, our locksmiths can recommend what type of lock is needed and also fit a new lock on your door which will be safe and secure.


Door Locks for Aluminium

A lot of older Aluminium doors locks can cause many problems and may have to be adjusted or totally replaced in time. If you discover that your aluminium door lock is not working as well as it would normally or you find that you have to tug and pull it around for it to connect to the frame, this may not mean that the lock is broken.  It may be problems with alignment or the locks and door handles. Your locksmith will assess the door with the aim of repairing the door lock before suggesting a new lock replacement.

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