Avoid Being A Easy Target, Fit Anti-Snap locks


The most common way  thief’s gain entry into your Home is by Snapping the lock in your uPVC or Composite Door. You may know someone or read it in the press. Its a real problem as 85% of break-ins are through the door (mostly by this method). It can take as little as 10 seconds for them to be in, with not much more noise than opening the door with a key.

Door & Windows companies will often give you false reassurance by telling you all about the multi point locks on your new door, unfortunately these have no security against lock snapping as the lock cylinder is the only one thing between the thief and your belongings.

The Good News is that the problem can be quite easily rectified, Here at Quick Locks UK your local Locksmith we supply & fit New Anti-Snap locks to ensure your home, family and belongings are kept safe and secure, and make it impossible to gain entry by snapping your locks. 

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