What Are Insurance Grade Locks?


Our team at Quick Locks UK have noticed and increase of calls from customers in Doncaster asking us to come out and upgrade their locks as their insurance company has told them that they need to have their locks upgraded before they can take out an insurance policy with them.

Insurance companies as a whole have set a minimum standard of locks that they require you to use on your property to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to help protect your home or business.

This is why our team at Quick Locks UK have decided to put together this helpful guide to help you understand what insurance grade locks are.

Door Locks

If you are unsure if your current locks meet insurers minimum standards, then the first thing you need to do is check the lock for the BS3621 kite mark. If you have a wooden door you will find this either on the face plate of the lock or the front barrel depending on whether have a dead lock or rim deadlock. If you check and find that your locks don’t meet the current minimum standard set by insurers then it would be a good idea to call out your local locksmith to come and upgrade them as soon as possible, not only to ensure the security of your property, but if you do find that you need to place a claim with your current insurer they may not process it due to having substandard locks fitted!

If you have a uPVC door then the chances are your locks do already meet your insurers minimum standard. However, although these locks are suitable in terms of insurers requirements, they aren’t necessarily the most secure. A technique used by burglars called lock snapping it specifically aimed at these types of locks. Lock snapping is a very quick and easy method of breaking and entering, by using this method a burglar can be in your home within seconds!

Fortunately, there is a way to combat this. A lock designed specifically to stop burglars using the lock snapping technique. If you don’t already have anti-snap locks fitted to your uPVC doors, then it is highly recommended that you contact your local locksmith who will be able to supply and fit an anti-snap lock for you. Then you can be safe in the knowledge that your property is as secure as it can be.

Window Locks

If from the inside of your property you don’t require a key or tool to open your window, then your window locks definitely need upgrading. Having secure window locks not only improves the overall security of your home but it also takes away any easy escape route for intruders that may of entered via a broken window for example. Upgrading window locks can be a fairly simple task, however if don’t have much confidence in your DIY skills then you can call out your local locksmith who will be able to supply and fit new handles and locks.

The reason insurers are so strict with their minimum requirements is not only to ensure your property has enough defence against burglars but also to make sure it won’t be easy for a burglary to exit your property with all of your belongings.

If you need your door or window locks upgrading or would like advice on other home security improvements then contact Quick Locks UK today – 01302 272 192