uPVC Repairs

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After many years of consistent use many Door and Window mechanisms fail at some point, No need to worry help is at hand, most problems can be fixed quickly and without hassle, with the added bonus of saving you thousands of pounds replacing them.

We can also upgrade your locks to more high security lock to ensure your family and belongings stay safe, even new doors are often fitted with poor quality none secure locks., This is not a costly job. Regardless of age or manufacturer we can repair or replace your door & window actions. window repair, upvc repairs, 24 hour locksmith Doncaster

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Lock & Upvc Repairs

upvc repairs

  • Door Opening
  • Broken  Keys 
  • New Door  Actions
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Window Locks
  • Door  Handles
  • Lock Changes
  • New Gearboxes      
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Double Glazed Units
  • New uPVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Window Replacement

What ever you need we can get you sorted quickly without any fuss on any upvc repair, window repair

I am your 24 hour locksmith Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop

uPVC Repairs Doncaster

Common Door Problems

door lock fail and can't lock my upvc door, new door mechanism or action

You may find your Door want lock even though the keys is turning, you may find the handle is moving but doing nothing or want move at all. Another common problem is the door want lock or unlock, these problems generally mean you have a fault with either the multipoint locking action or gearbox. The good news is that this can be rectified and you do not have to go to the expense of a new door. As your local locksmith I carry the most popular actions with me so I can usually have you all safe and sound whilst I'm  at your home. If your unsure call for a chat and I'll answer any questions or concerns you may have. upvc repairs Doncaster

Window problems


The first call I usually get is by a customer is saying they either can' lock or unlock their window. This doesn't  mean a new replacement window, it's usually a very easy quick fix job which can be done on the first visit at a very reasonable cost. upvc repairs Doncaster

Door Opening or Broken Keys

broken key in door

I get many calls from customers who can't open their door. It maybe lost keys, a broken key stuck in the lock or the handle is moving but the door want open. The good news is as your local locksmith I can resolve all these problems and have you back in your home quickly.

Give me a call now, I can be with you in 20 minutes. upvc repairs, window repair, Doncaster

Steamed up Windows

steamed up double glazing

After time seals on double glazed units can fail, this causes condensation and misting inside the unit. This is not a fault of your window, but of the glass, so if you replace the unit your window will be as good as new at a fraction of the cost of a new window. window repair, upvc repairs in Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop

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